Autumn in South Africa! The leaves change (well, some of them), the air chills, and responsible chicken owners everywhere start wondering how to keep their feathered friends happy. Because who wants a grumpy chicken, right? Here are five autumn hacks to ensure your flock is the talk of the town (or at least the coop).

  1. Leaf Them Be!

You spend hours raking leaves, yet your chickens LOVE turning that pile into a feathered free-for-all. Who’s the real crazy one here? Embrace the chaos! Fallen leaves hide delicious snacks like bugs and seeds, and let’s face it: your chickens are way better at leaf-turning than you are. Bonus: they fertilize your lawn in the process!

  1. Moulting Madness Makeover

Are your girls (or boys) looking bedraggled? Don’t worry; it’s moulting season. It is when they shed old feathers for a fresh winter coat. Help by upping their protein intake – boiled eggs or mealworms are a tasty treat. Think of it as their annual trip to the chicken salon, and soon, they’ll be strutting the runway in their fluffiest best.

  1. Spice Up Their Lives (And Their Eggs)

Cooler weather can dampen spirits. Add a little pizzazz to the coop with a sprinkle of cinnamon, turmeric, or a pinch of oregano. These spices have natural warming and health properties, boosting their immune systems (and your egg yolks). Your scrambled eggs just got fancy!

  1. Pumpkin Power

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween! They’re packed with fibre and nutrients. Leftover decorative pumpkins from the shops? Awesome chicken treat! Smash them up and watch your flock have a gourd ol’ time pecking away. (Disclaimer: glitter-covered pumpkins are not part of a balanced diet)

  1. Snuggle Station

Chickens, surprisingly, love to cuddle! As the nights get nippy, ensure your coop has some extra straw for snuggling. If you have particularly affectionate feathered friends, add a low roosting bar where they can all pile on together. Think of it as an all-inclusive chicken spa retreat.